Smart AssetRedefining The Token Economy

What is nextDAO

A next-generation DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and the first to establish the creation of a smart asset platform.

Economic Features

nextDAO will focus on on-chain interaction and collaboration to redefine the token economy by providing decentralized financial instruments and products via smart assets. During this process, nextDAO will also discover new business scenarios and promote ecosystem applications.

Technical Features

nextDAO will consist of a collection of framework models to promote a new paradigm shift. This framework includes a set of smart contracts designed to solve a series of problems from currency to governance.



cross-chain assets

Cross-Chain transfer of Ethereum and Nebulas Assets. Will allow for a Stable Coin on the Nebulas blockchain.



decentralized trading

Decentralized exchange with Uniswap-like features. Automated liquidity provision on Nebulas.



on-chain decentralized pledge

Pledge NAS to obtain NAX while the pledged NAS is retained at the end-users address; NAX utilizes a dynamic distribution method.




Total/Circulating Supply

1,702,418,006.73 NAX

NAX is distributed as a reward for those contributing to the security of the ecosystem. The number of NAX obtained by users is related to the amount of NAS pledged, the age of the pledge, and the global pledge rate.



Nebulas is the autonomous metanet, the future of collaboration: decentralized collaboration with smart assets. nextDAO will start with the Nebulas ecosystem, the core technology of nextDAO will be inserted into the Nebulas mainnet to encourage innovation from model to a paradigm shift, culminating in the formation of a universal module for use by a global user base.